Restaurant Association of New Zealand

Comprehensive Medical Insurance Cover and Premium Discount

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand, in association with Maurice Trapp Group can help. We have searched high and low for the best plan for the hospitality industry, for you and your staff (a great way to encourage staff retention), and the resulting policies are impressive.

The Restaurant Association Medical Insurance Solution:

1. Cover for non-funded drugs

We should all have the best possible care while we are sick. Our medical cover is unique to the industry as youll not be limited to drugs subsidised by the Government (PHARMAC).

2. No right to unilaterally change policy wordings (benefits)

Our medical policy is also unique to the industry as the insurer has no right to retrospectively alter your policy (unless to your advantage). All other insurers can, and do, change their policies to your disadvantage!

3. Significant Benefit Limits

When it comes to serious ill-health we believe that you should have access to significant funds to pay for medical procedures. Your Restaurant Association Medical Insurance provides the following very generous benefit limits. Youll receive up to:

  • $200,000 for each surgery (no annual limit or limit to the number of surgeries);
  • $200,000 per annum for non-surgical hospitalisation;
  • $200,000 per annum for certain major diagnostic procedures;

4. Moving to Oz?

With our cover, you can move to Australia and keep your policy. Again, this is unique to the NZ industry.

5. And many more magnificent built-in features, including a number of excess options to choose from, plus the option of including specialists visits onto your Restaurant Association Medical Insurance.


Everyone taking out a new policy will receive a $50 Restaurant Association voucher. If you decide to use this as a staff retention tool, for every three staff members who take out a policy, you, as the business owner, will receive a $100 Restaurant Association voucher (and each of your staff would still receive a $50 voucher for taking out the policy).

PLUS, youll get;

  • A dedicated adviser as single point of contact (see below).
  • A no obligation assessment of your current plan and how it compares to our Restaurant Association Medical Insurance Scheme.
  • A further premium discount should you combine your Medical Insurance with a Life, Income Protection or Trauma Insurance policy.

Typical examples:

  • Male, 42 Year Old, Non-Smoker, Restaurant Association Medical including Specialists & Tests ($250 Excess) = $55.56/month
  • Female, 28 Year Old, Non-Smoker, Restaurant Association Medical including Specialists & Tests ($500 Excess) = $39.50/month
  • Male, 48 Year Old, Non-Smoker, Restaurant Association Medical including Specialists & Tests (Nil Excess) = $86.09/month

Your Restaurant Association Medical policy will provide the most comprehensive cover available, and almost definitely a cheaper price than your current medical insurance policy! Call for a quote now.

Lee Amodeo |Adviser |Maurice Trapp Group Ltd
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