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Posted on 10:20 PM, 8 October 2015

As the Restaurant Association moves into our third ProStart programme we have a number of Auckland based candidates that are ready for full time employment. These ProStart graduates are highly motivated, keen to develop and seeking opportunities to work within our vibrant industry.

Posted on 10:24 AM, 8 October 2015

There seems to be increasing frustration from members with regard to their landlords and the impact they can have on their business. Landlords, as with any supplier, run the gut form good to bad. Unfortunately they are not as easy to change as the vege man.

Posted on 9:38 PM, 30 September 2015

New Zealand’s top chefs from the Bay of Islands to Queenstown are sharpening their knives as they compete for the title of ‘Premier Master of Fine Cuisine’ in the third annual Silver Fern Farms Premier Selection Awards.

12/10/2015 | Auckland
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For the 14th year, Auckland'™s outstanding hospitality staff will be officially recognised by their peers - at the 2016 Lewisham Foundation Awards. This is the Auckland hospitality industry's hospo party of the year....