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Posted on 10:46 AM, 25 May 2015

We’ve been contacted by several members recently about the surge in customers using e-cigarettes in their establishments. Uptake of the e-cigarettes, which use battery-powered cartridges to produce a nicotine-laced vapour, has rocketed in the past two years, but there is debate about their potential risks and benefits. Because they are new, there's not a lot of scientific evidence on their safety. Some experts fear they could be a gateway to tobacco smoking, while others say they have potential to help millions of smokers kick the habit.

Posted on 5:14 PM, 15 May 2015

It has been a wild weather week around the country and we hope that you have all come through the ordeal OK if you are in an affected region.

Posted on 6:16 PM, 12 May 2015

A record number of hospitality industry people have voted to choose the 2015 Lewisham Awards finalists announced today. With more than 10,000 votes counted, the finalists represent the leading lights of the Auckland restaurant scene as selected by their peers.

07/06/2015 | Auckland

For the 13th year, Auckland’s outstanding hospitality staff will be officially recognised by their peers - at the 2015 Lewisham Foundation Awards. This is the Auckland hospitality industry's hospo party of the year....

21/06/2015 | Rotorua

The Rotorua Hospitality Awards is the regions premier hospitality awards, to celebrate and recognise everything and everyone that is hospitality.