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About Us

About Us

The Rotorua Hospitality Awards are the region's premier Hospiality Awards.

The Rotorua Awards were inaugurated to provide an appropriately prestigious vehicle to recognise the extreme demands on the hospitality industry in what is arguably New Zealand's premier tourism destination.

Initiated and partnered by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, the awards have gathered wide ranging support in the area and throughout the country in the way of category Sponsors and product contributors.

The Awards celebrate every aspect of the industry; Front of House to Kitchen, Suppliers to Personalities, all nominated and celebrated by their peers.

Who is behind the Awards?

The Restaurant Association of NZ along with a dedicated committee of Rotorua's hospitality industry professionals.

Through the Awards, they want to recognise and celebrate the hard work of the many individuals who contribute so much to the region's hospitality industry.

The Committee:

  • Sharon Wallace Chairperson
  • Mericia Waqanimaravu
  • Richard Sewell
  • Irene Nottage
  • Lynley Martin
  • Vanessa Wallace

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