Restaurant Association of New Zealand


Advertising Opportunities in The Thymes

Thymes Newsletter picture The Restaurant Association produces and distributes a membership newsletter (The Thymes) 7 times per year, exclusively to our nationwide membership base of restaurants & cafes, caterers, bars, takeaways, hotels. The newsletter is an important tool for the Restaurant Association to communicate industry news and issues to members and is recognised as one of our key services.

Highly regarded, the newsletter regularly generates active comment in the industry after its distribution. If your target market is the hospitality industry The Thymes is a great way to get your product or service in front of the key decision makers in the industry.


FEBRUARY 2nd Material due date January 26th
MARCH 16th Material due date March 9th
APRIL 27th Material due date April 20th
JUNE 8th Material due date May 29th
JULY 27th Material due date July 20th
SEPTEMBER 14th Material due date September 7th
NOVEMBER 2nd Material due date October 23rd

Advertising Opportunities in InForm (enewsletter)

The Restaurant Association also produces and distributes an electronic e-newsletter (InForm) regularly throughout the year. The InForm newsletter is intended to keep Restaurant Association members up to date in between issues of The Thymes. Six publication dates are confirmed per year, with special editions also set as needed.


FEBRUARY 26th Material due date February 19th
APRIL 9th Material due date April 2nd
MAY 21st Material due date May 14th
JULY 2nd Material due date June 25th
AUGUST 20th Material due date August 13th
OCTOBER 8th Material due date October 1st

To download the information flyer for advertising in either THE thymes or the INForm CLICK HERE. For availability and specifications, or to discuss other opportunities contact Nicola at the Restaurant Association office on (09) 638-8403 ext 411 or email nicola@restaurantnz.co.nz.